• Hello there parents and students. On this page you'll find our plans for the next four weeks of remote learning(4/6/20-5/1/20). If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at ryan.brooke@psd150.org or we can set up a time to meet using Microsoft Teams. Below you'll find links to any online materials you may need for the next for weeks.


    The class code for Kodable is a combination of the first three letters of Whittier Primary School (wps) your child's grade level (ex: 1 for first grade) and the first letter of their homeroom teacher's name (b for Brooke).

    The finished product for the class code would look like this EX: wps1b

    Please feel free to contact me if you need help with this process.

    How to download Microsoft Teams and other Microsoft products

    Student login information looks like this: 

    Username: (Student's ID number)@students.psd150.org

    Password: Student's birthday EX: if their birthday is June 27, 2010 their password would be 06272010

    If you need more information on your child's ID number please contact their teacher and they should be able to provide it.

     Below you will also find our weekly assignments for the next four weeks.

    I will be available from 11:30-12 Monday-Friday for a live chat if you have any questions.

    Assignments 04/06-05/01