• January 20, 2019

    Dear Richwoods High School Friends and Supporters,


    Everyday Mr. Elliott challenges the students at Richwoods “to Rise-up and BE the Standard of Excellence.” Richwoods is making its mark on many fronts from the growth in the IB (International Baccalaureate) program, growth in overall GPAs, improved attendance, and strengthening athletic programs including, most notably, the girls basketball team winning the state championship last year.


    Unfortunately, the track and field facilities are currently far from any standard of excellence. Richwoods has not been able to host a track meet for 7 years because of the condition of the track. Students in PE must dodge potholes and uneven patches on the track. The throwing area is far off on its own. Most of the hurdles and starting blocks are broken. Additionally, the surface on the football field is not all-weather, and it is not marked to accommodate soccer on the lit field.


    The Peoria Public School District recognizes the need, but the years of deferred maintenance and tight budgets mean the district cannot fund this alone.  This community has demonstrated its generosity many times in the past and we are looking for your help to turn this dream into a reality and enable our students and athletes to have a competitive track and field by the start of next school year and all-weather turf by the following season, or sooner if funding allows.

    The total cost is over $1.2 million. The district will fund $350,000 towards the track. We are looking to make up the difference through fundraising.

    The proposed improvements will benefit students and athletes across a huge range of activities from PE to track & field, football, soccer, cheerleading, band and dance.  It will not only make the track and field more functional, it will also enable hosting of more track, football, soccer, and even band events which will drive revenue for those programs and the school.

    Donations are tax-deductible under 170(c)(1) of the Internal Revenue Code. Checks can be made out to Richwoods with “Stadium” noted in the memo line.

    Thanks in advance for your support of the Richwoods High School Track and Turf project!


    Shannon Rule                                                                    Ron Dwyer

    Track & Turf Project Chair                                             Richwoods Athletic Director




    Richwoods High School (RHS) Track and Turf Project

    Updated January 17, 2019


    Project Scope:

    1. Replace the worn track, including the cracked base.
    2. Upgrade the field event areas and re-site the throwing area so it is near the track.
    3. Convert the field from grass to turf and line it for use by both soccer and football.

    Reasons for this Project:

    • Address safety issues.
    • Enable simpler maintenance.
    • Allow for all-weather accessibility for RHS teams (e.g., track, football, soccer, band, dance, cheer) and PE classes.
    • Improve RHS competitiveness with other local schools’ facilities.
    • Enable RHS teams to host sporting events that will provide both convenience and revenue.
    • Drive further revenue through facility rental.

    Estimated Cost & Funding Sources:

    Total Cost = $1.2 million (roughly 1/3 for track & field and 2/3 for field conversion to turf)

    Funding Sources:

    • Peoria Public School District – $350,000
    • Parents / Alumni / Community - $850,000



    April 1, 2019 – Stage I funding secured

    Summer 2019 – Track & Field construction completed

    August 2019-April 2020 – Continued fundraising for Stage II

    Summer 2020 – Turf upgrade completed

    *If funding is secured earlier than projected, completion of Stage II will be accelerated.


    Ways to Give:

    Donations are tax-deductible under section 170(c)(1) of the Internal Revenue Code. Make your check out to Richwoods and write “Stadium” in the memo. You can drop your check off in the RHS office, or mail it to:


    Richwoods High School

    Attn: Cathy Plunkett

    6301 N. University St.

    Peoria, IL 61614


     Track and Turf Donation Form

    Track and Turf Donation Form Fillable