• 'Harrison Bergeron' short story



    Literary Devices

    1. Author’s Purpose:
    2. Repetition:
    3. Imagery:
    4. Personification:
    5. Hyperbole:
    6. Oxymoron:
    7. Foreshadowing:
    8. Theme:
    9. Metaphor:
    10. Simile:
    11. Setting:
    12. Tone:
    13. Genre:
    14. Denotation:
    15. Connotation:
    16. Allusion:
    17. Point of View:
      1. First:
      2. Second:
      3. Third:
        1. Omniscient:
        2. Limited:
        3. Objective:
    1. Irony:
      1. Verbal:
      2. Situational:
      3. Dramatic:
    2. Paradoxical Statement:
    3. Euphemism:
    4. Climax:
    5. Colloquialism:
    6. Alliteration:
    7. Anachronism:
    8. Juxtaposition:



    IAR Practice Test



    Learning Anytime/Anywhere

    In the occurance of a cold or snow day, 801/802/603 students are expected do the following:

    1. visit https://www.commonlit.org/

    2. Login to your viritual ELA class, or create an account using the following codes:





    3. Complete the assinment for the day!


    Meet Ms. Na'Allah

    Greetings students, staff, and parents of the Washington Middle School family!!

                    My name is Ms. Saarah Na’Allah, and I am the newest educator for ELA 801, 802 and 603. I want to thank you all for welcoming me to this warm educational environment. It’s heartwarming to be among students with open minds – ready to learn.

                    I was born to a family of global thinkers, scholars, and educators. From a young age, my parents encouraged reading, writing, and mathematics as my earliest memories were comprised of spending hours at our local library, to sitting at our dining room table learning long division from my father as a first grader.

                    If you were to ask me to share a fun fact about myself, I’d tell you I have three citizenships. Now, allow me to explain. My parents were born and raised in Nigeria, and in 1995, moved to Canada for my father’s PH.D program of comparative literature at the University of Alberta. I was brought to this world in Edmonton Alberta Canada on a spring morning in 96’. After moving from Canada, my parents relocated to the United States where my mother worked as a family doctor specializing in OB/GYN, and father became a professor of comparative literature at our local university. Education has always consumed the air I’ve breathed as my parents provided me an environment that engaged my siblings and I’s curiosities about the world around us.

                     This past May, I graduated with a B.S. in Neuroscience earning departmental distinction from the University of Illinois at Chicago. I like to see myself as someone with an unwavering desire for gaining a better understanding of the human brain. Through my education, I’ve acquired a heightened understanding of learning, cognition, and memory function. This knowledge not only enriched my learning but encouraged me to enrich the learning experiences of the students around me. It was from serving as an academic coach tasked with helping first year students navigate their transition from high school to undergraduate academics that allowed me to do so. My experiences mentoring college students while volunteering at nearby Chicago public schools emboldened me to one day apply my enriched understanding of the human brain to the curriculums our students engage with in the classroom.

                    The culmination of my upbringing coupled with experiences in college are what bring me here today. For the students of English Language Arts, our classroom goals and expectations consist of promoting student literacy by refining their ability to critically analyze text, engage in logical reasoning, and further cultivate their writing skills. I plan to do this with frequently timed in class essays, classroom debates, and student lead book club analyses. Through engaging my students in discussion with analytical readings of short stories, news articles, and novels, we will encourage an environment of intellectual growth, setting the precedent for long term success!