• Club Activity: Ping Pong Club
    Sponsor: Mr. Hayes
    Time: every other tuesday, 3:00-4:30
    Place: Gym Terrace
    Purpose: The purpose of ping pong club is to allow students who enjoy ping pong to
    play with others and to meet new people. This club also allows people who want to try
    something new but do not have a table or the resources to purchase one. This club will
    allow students to not only play ping pong, but to also interact with new people and
    participate in many events. The club will also host tournaments that will fundraise for the
    school. So this club will provide a fun and entertaining way to raise money for the school
    while also having some competition between the students.
    Description: This club will be open to everyone who wants to join. We will meet 1-2
    times a month. We will have two maybe three tables available for the club. This club will
    be a place for students to try something new and to enjoy the activity they like doing.