• Staff vs. Student Volleyball

    On Wednesday, September 26, Calvin Coolidge students and staff challenged each other to a friendly game of volleyball! Students that had zero major referrals were invited to attend the staff vs student volleyball game. Any student who had a ticket to attend was able to put their name in the drawing to play on the student team against the staff. Students were drawn at random 10 at a time to challenge the staff. The first team to 10 points was the winner, and a new set of students were called up for the challenge. The staff beat all but one group of students (pictured below). After the volleyball games, students who did not want to participate were entered to win prizes such as candy, chips and extra Coolidge Cash! We had such a great time and are looking forward to our relay races in October!

    Staff Volleyball Students Volleyball Mr. Rayner Staff Students1 Students2 Students3 Crowd Students5