Club/Group/Activity Description

    Club, Group, or Activity:

    Educators Rising



    Dr. Kara Lycke


    Meeting Time:

    2:30-3:30 Mondays



    Richwoods High School, Room 603




    Educators Rising/Future Teachers of America, FTA, is an extra-curricular school organization with the mission of engaging the interest of any Richwoods HS student who is interested in the possibility of a career in teaching or education.  Students can join the club at any time. Officers will be elected.

    Members of EdRising/FTA share in the club’s decision-making by participating in a program that recognizes the importance of these priorities:

    • Education’s role in a democratic society
    • Student’s role as a change agent
    • Exploration of educational careers
    • Leadership experiences
    • Development of community partnerships




    Members will:

    ·         Gain insights into working with children, peers, and educators in public schools as well as with community members and leaders.

    ·         Participate in a variety of educational and cultural experiences through active participation in an EdRising/FTA Chapter.

    ·         Activities may include educational activities with young students in area schools, tutoring in a variety of subject areas in area schools, arranging and hosting guest speakers, assist teachers with responsibilities, college preparation for pursuing a degree and a career in education, role playing and discussions, interact with community members, write articles and editorials for local publications, and plan activities to observe American Education Week, usually in November.