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    For the next two weeks in gym we will be focusing on a newer and fast paced game called Speedball. Speedball combines skills used in football/soccer/Basketball. We will review/re-visit some drills/skills we learned previously in those other games and apply them into our new unit/lesson of Speedball. All of our units/activities will stress to students the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship skills. The game play will teach and help them to develop several different types of physical movements and skills. They can use those skills in every other unit we do throughout the rest of the school year.    

    PARENTS....please make sure your students wear tennis shoes/athletic sneakers everyday or bring them to school to change into for gym class. They will be unable to participate/engage in activities in sandals or boots due to it being a safety issue. This will effect their gym grade if it happens often. Also, please remind students not to horse play/play fight and to follow the district's cell phone policy to avoid negative consequences. THANK YOU in advance for your help in these areas!

    This year I have a split school schedule. I spend hours 1-4 at Von Steuben Middle School and then hours 6-8 at Calvin Coolidge Middle School. The best way to reach me is by my district email as I will be traveling from building to building each day. Feel free to email me at anytime about any issues and I will respond to you ASAP. My district email address is justen.rayner@psd150.org

    Just an FYI parents in case of a snow day, Ms. Duncan and myself have Physical Education activities posted with directions on the Calvin Coolidge homepage with each grade levels links for other classroom subject's for all grades 5th-8th. 

    Mr. Rayner's Daily Schedule


    6th hour- 801-8th grade, 7th hour- 703-7th grade, 8th hour- 505/605 X-Cat 5th and 6th grade


    6th hour- 803-8th grade, 7th hour- 703-7th grade, 8th hour- 505/605 X-Cat 5th and 6th grade


    6th hour- 801-8th grade


    6th hour- 801-8th grade, 7th hour- 702-7th grade, 8th hour- 502-5th grade


    6th hour- 801-8th grade, 7th hour- 702-7th grade, 8th hour- 502-5th grade



    1. Students MUST wear tennis shoes to participate/engage. If no shoes, student will be asked to sit out and grade will be lowered. This is a safety issue!

    2. No gum, candy, or food in gym. (Unless permission given. Example is 1st hour breakfast)

    3. HAVE FUN!

    4. Stay off of bleachers and locker room ramp areas.

    5. Keep hands and feet to self.


    7. Follow directions and game rules.

    8. No tumbling or flipping. This is a safety issue!

    9. Ask permission to get water or go to bathroom. This is a safety issue! (Only one boy and girl out at a time for water/bathroom. Exception is at end of the hour and a teacher is supervising by the door to let more kids out for water.)

    10. Always take a Hot Pass from the teacher if leaving the gym area for any reason.


    Consequences for repeatedly not following gym expectations

    1. Reminder of the expectations from the teacher.

    2. Verbal warning to correct the negative behavior choice and possible loss of points.

    3. 1-on-1 talk with the teacher, short time away from the activity, loss of points.

    4. Out for the rest of class, loss of points, possible parent contact.

    5. LAST RESORT- possible buddy room, call office to have student removed, possible referral, parent contact, and possible meeting with parent and/or administrator.


    - Students need to be engaged and put forth an effort everyday in order to learn, stay fit, and keep healthy!

    - Any questions please feel free to ask myself or the other gym teacher Ms. Duncan, thanks and let's have a great school year.

    MR. RAYNER- My district email is justen.rayner@psd150.org