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    Posted by BRAD JACOBSON on 1/5/2021

    Welcome back students!

    We are getting back to work and picking up the pace.  WE WILL BEGIN HAVING SOCIAL STUDIES CLASS MEETINGS ON FRIDAYS AT NOON!  All students have been invited to the meeting and can access it through Microsoft Teams.  Please join me on Fridays so we can improve social studies scores and also work on our writing!    

    Each day, I am recommending that you complete the following amount of steps in each class:

    ELA:  17 steps a week (4-5 steps a day)
    Math:  19 steps a week (5 steps a day)
    Science:  15 steps a week (3 steps a day)
    Social Studies:  15 steps a week (3 steps a day)

    I would recommend using this pace to STAY AHEAD.  If you come to a unit test you should stop at that point and take the next day to take the exam.  In other words, when you come to an exam, it should be the only thing you do that day in that subject.

    For students who were in virtual learning since the beginning, here is the recommending pacing guide that is the recommended MINIMUM to do each week:

    2nd Semester

    If you joined virtual learning in November, use this pacing guide.  For social studies, use the pacing guide to the right:



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  • Day 48: November 5, 2020

    Posted by BRAD JACOBSON on 11/5/2020

    Good morning students and parents!

    For our new students, here is the pacing guide for the remainder of the semester.  Parents and students who have been virtual since the beginning, please ignore this guide:

    Pacing Guide

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  • Day 47: November 4, 2020

    Posted by BRAD JACOBSON on 11/4/2020

    Good morning parents and students!

    For those of you that are new, this is my virtual learning webpage.  From here you can find some resources to help you in your classes, as well as find ways to reach out for help.

    Virtual learning is self-paced.  This means that as the student, it is your job to keep yourself moving through the Acellus program.  

    I am attaching the pacing guide below to show you where your classmates are.  For new students.  Start with the first week and begin working forward.  Your goal for this week should be 3% completion in each class.

    Pacing Guidd


    Students were just given their logins to Acellus through Microsoft Teams.  I am going to begin reaching out to parents next using Google Voice.  Going forward, here is how to contact me:

    Students can message me through Microsoft Teams.

    Parents can text me.  I use Google Voice, but it will look like a text to you.

    Email:  brad.jacobson@psd150.org


    That's it for now.  I will update this post today as things are added.


    Mr. J.

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  • Day 45: November 2, 2020

    Posted by BRAD JACOBSON on 11/2/2020

    Happy Monday Students and Parents!

    So as I have shared with many of you, it seems that overall students are having the most trouble in social studies.  I added videos to my playlist above about some of the more general topics you will be learning about.  However, I am also adding a new support for social studies going forward.


    CLICK HERE to ask a specific social studies quesiton.  You can also click on the "Can I Help You" button on the left of the page.  For now, this will be for me to collect social studies questions and respond to them in one place.  Those responses will be shared with you on the virtual social studies page for now.


    Because everyone is so spread out in the class, I felt this might be a great way to gather questions and keep them available to everyone.  I don't believe that trying to meet with groups of students will be the most productive or efficient way to go about it, so we will try this for now.  Most of the grades that concern me are in social studies.  

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  • Day 44: October 29, 2020

    Posted by BRAD JACOBSON on 10/29/2020

    Dear students and parents,


    This week and last week are combined in factoring students' grades.   Therefore I will continue to update you weekly about grades beginning again next week.  


    I am currently looking at ways to offer more support with social studies.  I will forward along information in the near future.


    Happy Thursday!

    Mr. J.

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  • Day 35: October 13, 2020

    Posted by BRAD JACOBSON on 10/13/2020
    Parent Teacher Conferences and Fall Break
    Next week will look a bit different for us! We will be hosting Parent Teacher Conferences in place of our regular weekly check-ins. The intent is for these to be student-led conferences where we reflect together on what has been going well, what the student has learned about themself as a learner, and what supports or changes are needed. Students will be preparing for Parent-Teacher Conferences this week using Flipgrid.
    Parents need to sign up for a time to meet with the teacher. It is VERY IMPORTANT for this meeting that the student and parent are both able to attend. Conferences will take place on MS Teams.  PLEASE reach out with a time that would work for you on Monday, October 19th or Tuesday, October 20th. I am scheduling conferences on both of these days between 7:15am and 2:45pm OR between 4:00pm and 7:00pm.

    Fall Break
    There will be no school Wednesday, October 21st through Friday, October 23rd for Fall Break. Students are permitted to continue working as they wish, but teachers will not be monitoring progress and may not unlock tests until Monday, October 26th when we return.
    Progress and Goals
    This week, students should be getting to 24% in all their classes by Friday. Here is the update for what "step number" they should be on and any exams scheduled for this week:
    ELA- no new exam, Unit 2 was last week, finish on Step 74
    Math- Unit 5 exam, finish Step 134
    Science- Unit 3 exam, finish Step 66
    Social Studies- Unit 3 exam, finish Step 70
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  • Day 29: October 2, 2020

    Posted by BRAD JACOBSON on 10/2/2020

    Good morning students and parents!

    I am attaching a document below to help everyone with the pacing for their classes.  This document should have gone home with progress reports, but I wanted to make sure everyone could see it as well.  Use this chart to help stay on top of your virtual classes.


    Pacing Guide

    Have a great weekend!

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  • Day 22: September 23, 2020

    Posted by BRAD JACOBSON on 9/23/2020

    Hello Students and Parents!

    Please take the Panorama survey at  https://surveys.panoramaed.com/peoria
    Your access code is your STUDENT ID Number.

    This survey must be done by THIS Friday, September 28th.  Please be honest on this survey.  What you input on the survey will only be shared with your teacher and school staff.  Thank you for filling it out!
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  • Day 21: September 22, 2020

    Posted by BRAD JACOBSON on 9/22/2020 9:00:00 AM

    Hello Students and Parents!


    I wanted to provide you with some help on how to take notes.  Notes are only helpful when done with a purpose.  Below are some resources that will help you to set up and take good notes.  There's no one right way to do it, so take some ideas from each resource and set up a system that works for you!




    Also, CLICK HERE for a template for taking notes.

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  • Day 20: September 21, 2020

    Posted by BRAD JACOBSON on 9/21/2020 9:00:00 AM

    Happy Monday Students and Parents!

    This week I want you to make sure to sign up for NewsELA.  NewsELA is a website that features non-fiction articles taken from newspapers and other sources.  I plan to use this some moving forward.  Click this link to sign up:



    Be sure to check out my video on the forces of history too.  THat can be found at the top of the page.  We are going to begin to do a little bit of historical analysis this week.  Soon we may take a look at some data analysis as well in science class.


    This week I also plan to put out resources on taking notes as well as updating families about student grades.  By now students should have taken at least 1 exam in each class.  Remember, students should complete 11 steps in ELA, 19 in math, and 10 in science and social studies each week.  Students should be logging in every school day to get this done.


    Let's have a strong week!


    Mr. J>

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