• 8th grade

     Snow-Day Homework Menu 


    Choose at least five squares to do (one from each column).  When you are finished, put an X through the completed boxes. Attach any items to your menu and bring all of your materials to school the next day. 


    Student Name: ______________Parent Signature: ___________________         Date:  ____________


    Language Arts (1 hour) 

    Write a letter to yourself when you were in kindergarten with advice you have learned through the years.

    Math (1 hour)

    Create a shape with at least 4 points and label the points. Then translate, reflect, or rotate and tell how you moved it. (Example: x-4,y+2 or reflected about x axis)

    Art (1 hour)

    Draw a picture of a winter scene as viewed from a window in your home. 

    Social Studies (1 hour)

    Research a current event in Peoria and write a one paragraph summary of it.  

    Science (1 hour)

    Look at the food labels of at least 3 items in your home. What do you notice about the amount of carbohydrates. 

    Record your observations. 

    Language Arts (1 hour) 

     Read for 30 minutes and write a one paragraph summary of what you read.

    Math (1 hour)

    Write 5 of your own multi step equations and solve them. 2 of them must have distribution in them!

    Technology (1 hour) 

    Describe in 5 sentences how computers make your life easier. Write another 5 that describes how it could make it more difficult. RACE strategy!

    Social Studies (1 hour)

    Draw a map from your home to school.  Include names of roads, landmarks, and directions. 

    Science (1 hour)

    How do animals survive in different temperatures?  Draw a picture or write a paragraph showing animals surviving in the cold. 

    Writing (1 hour)

    Write a poem about your day off. 

    Math (1 hour) 

    Create a 12x12 multiplication board.

    Read for 

    30 minutes and write a summary (1 hour)


    Social Studies (1 hour)

    Ask another adult what they know or remember learning about Vietnam.  Write down a summary of their answers. 

    Science (1 hour)

    How cold is it?  Write down real temperatures and wind chill temperatures for today. What are some consequences of this weather?


    Reading (1 hour) 

    Read one page from a book and write down a list of all of the nouns (people, place, thing) on that page. 

    Math (1 hour)

    Write a paragraph about 5 different ways you have used math or seen math being used in the last week other than math class.

    Physical Education (1 hour)


    30 jumping jacks 

    30 sit ups 

    30 toe touches 

    Jog in place for 5 minutes 


    Social Studies (1 hour) 

    Opinion versus Fact 

    Think of something you have studies in Social Studies this year.  Write down the topic, list 5 facts and 5 opinions about the topic. 

    Science  (1 hour)


    What is frostbite? What are ways to prevent frostbite?  List things you can do to keep safe. 

    English/Literature (1 hour) 

    Watch your favorite cartoon. Make of list of important and supporting characters. 

    Math (1 hour)

    Write an equation that shows a proportional relationship. Then, create a table that shows where the coordinate pairs would be on a graph, then graph it.

    Music (1 hour)

    Create a snow day playlist with at least 5 songs that made your day at home a great one. Write a summary for each song.

    Social Studies (1 hour): 


    If someone were visiting you from another country, what would you tell them about your holidays, food, clothing, activities?  Write these down. 


    Science (1 hour)

    Count the number of appliances in your home that run on electricity.  List them. Write one paragraph about how you could conserve energy with these appliances.