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    Girl’s Society



    Mrs. Kate Belshaw



    Tuesdays & Thursdays 2:30-4:00l



    RHS- Room 415



    Girl’s Society is a positive support group for females to engage with personal and educational situations, and to grow into a better woman. We will come together as friends to build, advise, and stick with each other to succeed in life. The goal of Girl’s Society is to influence females to be optimistic and handle situations the smart way. Learn to never get discouraged in life because they will always have a friend from Girl’s Society to help them. We want to help females to understand that the discussions we have in the group, only amongst the group or an individual, are open because trusting one another builds a bond with other and know you are not alone.



    Success is key, to be successful in life you have to surround yourself with people who has experience, a connection to help you towards your goal and a support group. In the group we will have lessons on how to handle certain situation, discussions to have girl talk, and to feel comfortable with one another as if we were actual sister. Some meetings will be about how to meditate and take care of our face and body. The goal is to encourage and give advice to other females outside the group to make the right decision and to motivate females to stand out and not be scared. Girl’s Society females will stick together and make life better together and to know we have a friend to talk to whenever.