Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Henry


6th Grade Learning Anywhere Week 1-2


Remote Learning Plans: 

Remote learning plans start the week of April 6th until April 30th. All assignments will be posted on MS teams. To access MS teams please go to and click students and parents and then MS Teams For EDU. This will have to be downloaded to the computer to access. Students also need to know how to check their email. From being logged into MS teams you can click the apps launcher at the top left corner and go to Outlook for your email. All logins are and then your 8 digit birthday to access these materials. 


Parents can view the MS teams website and how to use it from this link MS Teams for Parents

Other Apps students can view and work on Aligned Apps for Students  


If you have any questions or need help please reach out to me! I will be happy to assist! 

Contact Information: 

Sterling Middle School: 309-672-6557