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    Temporary Closure Activities

    Since we will be working virtually for a while, I have put together some sources which have been located by myself and other librarians in the state.  Hopefully you will find these useful and they will aid in your lesson planning during the unique time.

    Please join us in the Ravenous Readers Google Classroom during this time!  We would love you have you!






    Common Lit


    Contains texts sets based on theme, book pairings and other groupings as well as themed units. Includes read aloud and translate functions.

    Crash Course Videos


    A variety of videos on a wide array of subjects including science, social studies, CTE, health

    Digital Public Library of America


    Primary source collections exploring topics in history, literature, and culture developed by educators — complete with teaching guides for class use.

    Hot Math


    Hotmath provides homework assistance for high school and college students, using “worked out” examples of math problems.

    Khan Academy


    Standards-aligned content and practice.

    Math Central


    Math site for teachers and students put together by education and math faculty of the University of Regina Saskatchewan Canada

    Mathademics Youtube Channel


    math tutorial videos sponsored by Northern Illinois and created by certified educators

    New York Times Learning Network


    Lesson plans involving news stories.

    PBS Learning Media


    PBS has curated free standards-aligned videos, interactives, lesson plans and more. Includes Ken Burns in the Classroom. Linked with Google Classroom so teachers can easily make assignments using their resources.

    Google Arts and Culture


    This is a collection that provides views from famous places all over the world and many different museums are included. Take some time and investigate all it has to offer.

    Smithsonian Museum Virtual Tours


    A wide variety of different areas to explore.  You can also go into areas where people can examine specimens when visiting.

    Peoria Public Library


    Along with our school database, the public library has much to offer as well.  They have databases, downloadable content, and if you sign up with your library card, you can use their 360 app to download books and much, much more.  Check out their download section.

    The Library of Congress


    The Library of Congress has a wealth of information that can be used in the classroom.  We used this is the past to show students how to find primary sources.  This would be a good time to explain the need for primary sources and how they can be used in their research.

    RAILS for Schools BiblioBoard


    The RAILS for Schools BiblioBoard site provides streamlined access to educational content appropriate for school-aged users.



    This is a quiz type learning activity which students can use to try to figure out which is real news and which is fake news.

    Close Reading Passages for High School


    Close reading passages for students to hone their skills of finding information in text.

    Abraham Lincoln Award Nominees for 2021



    If you are looking for some good books to read during this time, check out the recently released Abe nominee list for next year!

    Read for a Lifetime List for 2019 - 2020


    Another great book list to come up with some reading ideas! 

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