• RHS Nurse:
    Sheri Bynre
    693-4400 ext. 30126
     Health services at Richwoods High School provides first aid, care and comfort to students with illness or injury. The health services nurse administers medications to students as stipulated by district policies, maintains health records, and provides care & monitoring of students with health problems. We make every effort to communicate with parents as needed with regard to health or injury issues relative to their child/children.
    Meds Medications:
    Students frequently need to take medications to combat episodic/short-term or chronic illnesses/diseases. In such instances, Richwoods High School strongly recommends that students requiring medication therapy have their medication administration times scheduled before and after school. Such a schedule keeps the medications at home and in full control of the student’s parents/guardians.
    In recognition of the fact that some students will nevertheless be required to take medications during school hours, Richwoods High School follows the guidelines of the Illinois State Board of Education and District 150 policies governing the distribution of medications at school. 
    • A Medication Authorization and Release Form must be completed for all medication. 
    • All medications (except inhalers and Epi Pens) must be stored in the nurses office.
    • Prescription medications must be in a container appropriately labeled by the pharmacy or physician and accompanied by the School Medication Authorization Form that was completed by the physician ( Part I) and the parent/guardian ( Part II ). It is the student's responsibility to come to the office at the appropriate times for medication.
    •  Epi Pens require a School Medication Authorization Form completed by a physician. Asthma inhalers only require a photocopy of the prescription label containing the name of the medication, prescribed dosage and time at which or special circumstances under which,  the medication is to be administered- this serves as the medication authorization.  Asthma inhalers and Epi Pens are to be kept by the student during school hours and activities.
    • A new supply of medicine and a new authorization form (prescription and/or over-the-counter) will be required each school year.
    *** The parent(s)/guardian(s) will be responsible at the end of the treatment regime/school year for removing from the school any unused medication which was prescribed for their child. If the parent(s)/guardian(s) do not pick up the medication by the end of the school year, the school will discard the medication per District policy. 
    For EpiPens- the Illinois Food Allergy Emergency Action Plan & Treatment Authorization substitutes for the District 150 form - document available on the Illinois State Board of Education website 
    For students with diabetes, the DMMP/Diabetic Medical Management Plan serves as their insulin /glucagon order   - document available on the Children's Hospital of Illinois website
    For students with asthma please submit an Asthma Action Plan & ensure that your student carries their inhaler
    Please ensure that these plans are updated whenever any changes occur
    Illness during School
    Student's who become ill while at school must report to their classroom teacher for a pass to the nurse's office. The nurse will assess the student's complaint, contact the parent/guardian and together they will determine the best course of action. Please ensure that there are current phone numbers on file.
    Injured Kid Injured Students
    Parent(s)/Guardian(s) of students who have physical activity limitations due to a permanent or temporary disability, should contact the nurse's office. Students are required to submit a physician's note regarding any accomodations that may be necessary ( ex. no PE, use of elevator, etc.), the reason, specific length of time, and any other pertinent information.  
    Please read carefully as the have been changes in health requirements.
    January 25,2016 the Board of Education approved an update to Board Policy 7:100 requiring school physicals and immunization compliance on the first day of school. Students not in compliance with medical requirements by the first day of school ( August 17, 2016), will not be allowed to start the school year until all health documentation requirements are met. Families are strongly encouraged to schedule health appointments now, so the required documentation can be obtained & submitted, avoiding any first day compliance issues.  
    9th Grade:
    School physical exam-on the updated 11/2015 form & dated within 1 year of the first day of school.
         *Health History must be completed & signed by the parent /guardian. 
         *Diabetes screening assessment, height, weight, blood pressure, systems review, etc. - completed by
             medical practitioner  
    2 varicella ( chicken pox ) immunizations or proof of having had the disease 
    1 Tdap ( adult tetanus, diphtheria , pertussis ) immunization- Td & DT vaccinations do not meet the 
    12th Grade:
    Proof of 2 Meningoccoccal ( MCV4) shots- with the second given at age 16 years or later  
          * If the first dose is given at age 16years or later, then only 1 dose of MCV4 is required. 
    Students transferring from another Illinois school district :
          * Proof of school physical exam from last mandated grade level- due within 30 days of enrollment 
          *    Up-to-date immunization records   
    Students entering an Illinois school for the first time from a home schooling program, out of state, or from out of country :    
         * Proof of a school physical exam documented  "State of Illinois Certificate of Child Health Examination" form  - due within 30 days of school enrollment  
        * Up-to-date immunization records- due within 30 days of school enrollment   
                 **Sports physicals can not be substituted for a school physical
        ** Parents objecting to immunizations- a law signed into effect August 3,2015 requires a Certificate of Religious Exemption completed& signed by a health care provider - Section 27-8.1 ( 8) of the School Code**
    Please feel free to contact the health services office (693-4400) with any questions or concerns.