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    Club, Group, or Activity:

    Youth Advisory Council



    Mrs. Beth Funcannon



    Varies but monthly  after school and during lunches



    RHS- Room 312 and Auditorium







    •      Youth Advocates are empowered to education their peers, families, and communities about human sexuality and social justice. Youth advocates inspire long term change on issues that affect them, so they can become leaders and take action.

    •      As leaders we strive to challenge others and provide a voice for the voiceless while advocating for change.












    YAC is a student-led club geared toward advocating for positive change. It allows students to be a voice for their peers. Topics include:


    •      Sexual Health

    •      Coping Mechanisms

    •      Testing (Standardized)

    •      Coping with Stress

    •      Peer Pressure

    •      College Preparation

    •      Teen issues overall

    •      Social emotional health

    •      Student-staff relationships

    •      Resume building

    Guest speakers/community members invited to meetings to discuss above topics.