• Club Proposal Form


    Club: Current Event Clubs (CEC)

    Sponsor: Tom Hayes 

    Time: Every other Monday from 2:45-4:00

    Place: Room 159 


    Purpose: The purpose of this club is to give students who want to voice their opinion when it’s not heard by society. The club is open to everyone no matter your political views, race, sexuality, or religion. Your voice wants to be heard.


    Description: Members of the club will be able to listen and talk to other members about today’s current events. The CEC is unbiased and will keep an open-minded atmosphere and positive environment. Any disruption to that will be asked to leave. Our mission is to provide a safe environment outside of the classroom where students can learn differing opinions while also expressing their own. The CEC also plans to get involved with and attend local rallies, meetings, and participate with different global organizations.