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    Club, Group, or Activity:

    Art Club



    Ms. Jane Kuban



    Starts September...1st and 3rd Tuesday each month; after school until 3:45pm 



    RHS- Room 182



    Art club is a group of students that pursue artistic endeavors around the school and in the area.  Any RHS student can join art club at any time.  Members do not have to be enrolled in art class.

    Our goal is to have fun while creating and learning about different types of art and artists.  To allow students to express their ideas and have their own voice in the arts.




    Students will be able to work with different types of materials to create art pieces.  We will focus on group projects, which will help students work together and learn to understand each other better.  Our goal is to appreciate work ethics and accomplishments respectfully.

    Special projects may include: tie-dying, stained glass, papermaking, paper marbling, book making, leather working, mosaic, etc.