• Save The Children Action Network (SCAN) Club

    Save the Children is a non-profit organization that works in 120 countries, both domestically and internationally, in early childhood education, development, and healthcare. The two main campaigns of Save the Children are to ensure that all children in the United States have equal access to early education and to ensure no mothers or children die from preventable causes. Every day 15,000 children die due to preventable causes such as malaria, cholera, diarrhea, and pneumonia. Due to Save the Children's close to 100 years of experience, we have the programs to treat these issues, and we work so that one day no child will die from these causes. Save the Children is always the first ones on the ground and the last ones to leave.

    Save the Children Action Network is the political arm of Save the Children, working with policy makers and congressional officials, to make real, global change in the lives of children. Through the Save the Children Student Ambassador Program, our club is able to mobilize both our school and broader community to advocate for and understand, why we must help the children of our world, and how we can help the children of our world. 


    Club/Group/Activity Description


    Club, Group, or Activity:

    SCAN Club



    Mr. Baumgardner


    Meeting Time:

    Monthly from 2:40 – 3:15 or as announced



    Room 402



    To encourage students to advocate and spread awareness for issues related to early childhood education and maternal, newborn and child survival.




    We support Save The Children Action Network (SCAN), holding events for students and the community to talk about and raise money for Save the Children. Our support goes towards children’s rights, primarily providing support and relief to children internationally and domestically.