• Business Law, Accounting I, and Marketing Syllabus

    Mr. William Smith

    (309) 693-4400 #30110




    Course Description

    Business Law, Accounting I, and Marketing is a skill level course that is of value to all students pursuing a strong background in business, marketing, and management. In addition to stressing basic fundamentals and terminology of business law, accounting, and marketing instruction should provide initial understanding of business law, preparation of financial reports, and a sound understanding of marketing principals; as well as career opportunities in the business field. 

    Grading Policy

    Grading:           Total points system will be used.           Scale:               90-100 %         A

                                                                                                             80-89               B

                                                                                                             70-79               C

                                                                                                             60-69               D


    Students will be graded on the following:

    • High School
      • Summative 65%
      • Formative 15%
      • Midterm Exam 10%  (required participation)
      • Final Exam 10%  (required participation)
      • Failure to take a required exam/put forth good-faith effort will result in a zero in that specific category. Otherwise, the lowest percent a student may receive on a required exam is 50%.


    Materials:         Students will need a textbook, and a pen/pencil and should bring all materials with them daily.


    Text:                Individual textbooks will be issued to students. Textbooks will be used during

                            Class time and as needed for homework.


    Help:                Students can obtain extra help with topics and/or assignments by seeing

                            teacher for before/after school help.  Please let your teacher know in advance if you will be coming in before/after school.


    Homework:      Homework will be assigned on an “as needed” basis. However, if the student falls behind or misses an assignment, they will need to spend                             time outside of class making up the work.


    Makeup:         Missing assignments must be made up in accordance with district policy. Grades and individual assignments can be found in Skyward, on the                          posted grade sheet or by asking the teacher.  More information about missing assignments can be found below.