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    All assignments for my classes will be found on MS Teams. Students should log into MS Teams and go to their assigned class to find what they need to do.

    1st Hour: SS Civics

    This is a new class offered to all grade levels, during the course of the school year we will be covering various topics that will explore the foundations of a good citizen. We will be looking at the election; understanding and coping with society; the right, duties, privileges, and responsibilities of citizens; personalities and attitudes and how they are incorportated into family community living; and map skills.

    • 1st Quarter - Unit 1: We the People - Ch. 1: Civics in Our Lives, Who are U.S. Citizens?, and American People Today;  Ch. 4: Rights and Responsibilities, Bill of Rights, Guaranteeing Other Rights, and Citizen's                                                                             Duties and Reponsibilities
    • 2nd Quarter - Unit 4: Electing Leaders - Ch. 10: Two-Party System, Political Party Organization, Right to Vote, and Nominating and Election Leaders with an Election Unit; Ch. 11: Political System, Shaping                                                                                   Public Opinion, Interest Groups, and Taking Part in Government
    • 3rd Quarter - Unit 5: Citizenship - Ch. 13: Changing Family, Law and the Family, Your Family and You, and Discovering Your Personality and Your Attitude; Ch. 14: U.S. School System, Best Education for You,                                                                              and Developing Life Skills
    • 4th Quarter - Unit 5: Citizenship - Ch. 15: Kinds of Communties, Purposes of Communities, and Citizens Serve Communities; Ch. 16: Crime in the U.S., Criminal Justice System, and Juvenile Crime                                                                                                                                                


    3rd, 4th, and 5th Hour: Study Skills

    Study Skills classes is available for those students who need to have time to work on their assignments, extra assistance, and have a current individual educational plan. Students will be required to bring their work to class for help. 

    In this class, we will be working on our school work, writing skills, study skills, banking, Aimsweb+ assessments, and SEL components.


    6th and 7th Hour: Financial Math

    This is a new class offered to the Seniors. We will be covering the following topics in this class. Students will be learning important skills for everyday adulthood and success after high school. Students will be working out of a text and will have projects to complete during the school year.

    • 1st Quarter - Earning Money, Buying Food, Shopping for Clothes
    • 2nd Quarter - Managing a Household, Buying and Maintaining a Car, Working with Food
    • 3rd Quarter - Improving Your Home, Traveling, Budgeting Your Money
    • 4th Quarter - Banking and Investing, Paying Taxes, Preparing for Careers



    If you need to reach me, you can email me at Lydia.Branch@psd150.org or call me at 672-6630 Exten. 40254

    Lydia Branch