• Week of April 14.

    Go to website---musictheory.net

    There are 6 lessons under "The Basics." Go through these lessons.


    Week of April 6.

    Let's start easy with some writing about music. I could argue that all music is written to evoke or create emotional responses in the listener or audience. It could be for just one certain emotion, or a course of several, conflicting feelings. Your assignment is to write a response to the two video clips listed below. Tell me how they make you feel; what you think of. Give me a paragraph on your emotional (or physical) reaction to what you hear. Turn them in to my email:   aaron.gradberg@psd150.org.

    Here's a serious one.....Serious (you can stop at 2:30)

    Here's one that's less than serious....less serious (about 90 seconds will give you the idea)

    Use proper writing, grammar, spelling. All that good stuff. No txt language!




    Hello, Von Steuben Orchestra. These are some strange times we are in. Stay healthy, and try not to lose your cool.


    I was informed that students would work encore schedules on the same days as the usual school schedule. So whatever I put on here is really just one assignment or project for the week. So, if your name is, oh maybe Shanice and you come to my room 3 different days, just do this work once. I'm not reading the same work 3 times. That's cray.


    Check back later today, or Monday morning for this week's undertakings.



    P.S. I miss my students. Even you, Devon.