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     We are the Bobcats!


    Our amazing PE Department has teamed up with Jamison School to bring Jamison students to Charter Oak for some fun & fit interaction during PE classes.  These are the same students we enjoy a Courageous Pacers walk with in the spring.  Bobcats are caring & treat others with respect!  



    4th Graders learned all about non for profit organizations.  They researched organizations that are started based on societal needs.  One way they decided to support a local non for profit organization, was through an animal shelter donation drive.  PAWS (Peoria Animal Welfare Shelter), is a non-profit organization that takes in animals of all kids to help keep our community safe.  Way to support your local animal shelter 4th grade!!!

    PAWS donation   PAWS donation

    Charter Oak 3rd Grade inspires Boxers to Fight Back!

    Mrs. Gregory's 3rd grade class took time to decorate water bottles for Parkinson's fighters.  They wrote inspiring messages of hope and encouragement on each bottle as a class project. Messages like:  "Keep Fighting", "You can do it", "Knock out Parkinson's" are some examples of their handiwork.

    The "Corner Kids" at Charter Oak continue to bring a smile to each boxer's face with their generosity and support!  Great job, Mrs. Gregory's Class!
    Mrs. Gregory's Class   Water Bottles from Mrs. Gregory's Class      

    Rock Steady Boxers   


    Our Bobcats have done it again!  The Spot came on September 21 for our school community to honor our amazing Teacher Assistant, Mrs. Shirley who is currently in a war against cancer.  Mrs. Shirley is so dedicated to her job and the Charter Oak students, that she gives 100% each and every day regardless.  We made September 21st a "We Love Mrs. Shirley" benefit day, and look at how our staff & students made a splash of pink at our school to show the love & support.
    We Love Mrs. Shirley           We Love Mrs. Shirley
    We Love Mrs. Shirley
    Check out this amazing way Charter Oak has taken action to show we care:  
    Charter Oak raised over $170 during a Friday Bottom Buy Out for the Houston Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund.  Way to help others in need, Bobcat Nation!
    Hurricane Harvey
    Charter Oak held its 1st annual Sneak Peek Night on August 14, 2017.  So many parents were able to bring their students to have the opportunity to drop off their supplies, see their classroom, meet their teacher, and see some friends old & new.  What a great way to help make your child's 1st day of school go even better!  
    Way to take positive action in your child's transition back to school, Bobcat Familes!
    Sneak Peek Night  Sneak Peek Night  Sneak Peek Night  Sneak Peek Night  Sneak Peek Night  Sneak Peek Night  Sneak Peek Night  Sneak Peek Night  Sneak Peek Night  Sneak Peek Night
    Kyleigh Boswell & her family hold a School Supply Donation Pool Party every summer.  They ask their friends & family to contribute upon entrance.  This year, their generous friends & family donated hundreds of items & they will all be donated to Charter Oak for the PTC-run school store, and other immediate needs.  What a way to help others in need!  The Charter Oak School Community loves your great idea, Kyleigh, & is appreciative of your activism in the community.  Keep up the great work, Kyleigh & family!
      Kyleigh's Collection   Kyleigh's Collection