Woodruff Career and Health Occupations Dual Credit Program provides students with the knowledge and experience that relate to a variety of allied health careers.  High school juniors and seniors may enroll in Health Occupations courses, and upon successful completion receive high school and college credit.  Students will have the opportunity to master various skills throughout the program, including: first aid and CPR, workplace and team building, critical thinking, and communication.  Students also gain knowledge of medical terminology, disease prevention, recognition, and treatment.  Opportunities for hands-on health care experiences are also provided throughout the program.  Students who successfully complete the CNA course are eligible to take the Illinois Nurse Assistant/Home Health Aide Competency Exam and obtain employment as a Certified Nursing Assistant. 


    Year One: Introduction to Health Occupations:

    This is a first-year exploratory course that will introduce students to health careers in the four Health Occupation Career clusters (Therapeutic, Diagnostic, Informational and Environmental Services). This course will provide students with a foundation of knowledge to build upon, in continuing educational opportunities in the health care field.

    • Upon successful completion of this course, the student may advance to Nursing Assisting, as well as Phlebotomy in the second year.
    • Students must demonstrate ability and meet program requirements to be recommended to continue in the second-year courses.





    Year Two: Career Exploration

    This is a second-year course that is designed to build on basic skills acquired during the first year of the program. Basic entry-level skills are developed including but not limited to: human resource services, habilitation/rehabilitation, phlebotomy, EKG, and medical assisting.


    • Advanced health career exploration through clinical internship in acute care facilities, medical offices, clinics, long term care and rehabilitative facilities.
    • Upon successful completion students will have acquired a solid foundation, enabling them to pursue post-secondary education in human resource services and other health-related careers.


    Program Benefits

    • Earn Dual Credit: Students participating in our program will receive both college and high school credit.
    • College credit awarded through articulation and coursework mastery gives students a jump-start into technical degree programs, by allowing students to by-pass certain entry-level classes at the college.
    • Cost for the program is covered through Peoria School District.