• The Following seven courses make up the 2-year Emergency Services Program and the following sequence is required to participate.

    • This is a two year program. 
    • Juniors will take: EMS 112, FRSTK 110, FRSTK 114, Hlth 041 and ORIEN 110
    • Seniors will take: EMS 114 and FRSTK 113
    • Students must have good attendance and discipline record to participate in the program.
    • Students must be 18 years of age to sit for the EMT license. IF a senior doesn't turn 18 until after graduation then they can sit for the exam at ICC once they are 18.
    • Students must be 21 in order to be a Fire Fighter.
    • Students will have an opportunity to participate in the Explorers program in the spring semester. 
    • A felony can eliminate the opportunity to participate in this program. 

    EMS 112 (Emergency Medical Responder)

    This course is designed to meet the emergency care training needs of those individual responding to the initial call for emergency care assistance such as police officers, firefighters, industrial health personnel, teachers, ect... The Emergency Medical Responder provides care prior to the arrival of higher-level trained personnel such as EMT’s, Paramedics, nurses, or physicians. Emphasis is placed on airway management, patient assessment, and treatment of medical or trauma emergencies. Upon successful completion of this course based on the ICC grading scale, students may apply to take the Emergency Medical Responder licensure exam.

    EMS 114 (Emergency Medical Technician)

    This course is designed to prepare students to care for the victims of medical and traumatic emergencies with an emphasis on the assessment of victims of illness and injury, and application of proper emergency care procedures. Upon successful completion of this course, students may apply to take the Illinois Department of Public Health or National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians EMT Licensure exam.

    FRSTK 110 (Introduction to Fire Science)

    This course is designed to acquaint the student with the fire service careers available, history, evaluation and survey of fire protection.

    FRSTK 113 (Fire Company Apparatus and Procedures)

    This Course develops an understanding of the art and science of effective utilization of personnel, apparatus, equipment and extinguishing agents on the fire ground. Emphasis will be placed on pre-fire planning, size-up and organization of the fire ground situation, firefighting operations (ventilation, operations of hose streams, overhauling) and post-fire analysis and study.

    Hlth 041

    This course presents the techniques of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and foreign body airway obstruction (FBAO) management. Upon successful completion of written and skills evaluations, the student will be issued an American Heart Association Healthcare Provider card.

    ORIEN 110 (College Success)

    This course is designed to acquaint students with college life, community and academic resources, learning and study skills, problem-solving and success strategies.