Parents of Student/Athletes:

Starting this spring 2017, our athletes who wish to participate in school sports, will begin registering for participation in athletics through a new web-based format located at  We have partnered with Family ID in an effort to move paperless.   Family ID will allow families to register the information normally required through several paper forms, all on one paperless electronic application.  No more lost forms, No more parents saying “they didn’t get this page or that page”, “they weren’t sure what they were signing or returning to the office”. All of the forms that were once required for athletic participation through paper and pen submission are now all in one easy to complete site. Please follow the steps below.

Ø  Scan the physical, front and back separately, and have ready to upload to the program

Ø  Have a copy of your updated insurance card

Ø  Have your son/daughters primary physician contact

Ø  Have 2 emergency contacts

What to do next:

·         Please log on to

·         Click “Find a Program”

·         Enter Richwoods in the top box and click “Find”

·         Click on “Spring 2016/2017 Athletics Registration”

·         Read the overview and click “Register Now”

·         Either Create an account or Log in

·         Choose a sport and fill out the form

·         Follow the information and instructions carefully.  If you have any questions, please call Kara Harris at 309-693-4400.

·         We will be able to view completed forms as well as incomplete forms.

·         We will notify you if a form is incomplete, your son or daughter will not be able to participate in practice or games until all required parts of the form are completed (Required parts of the form will be marked with an asterisk)