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  •  Volunteer Waiver Form - A new copy of this form must by signed by a parent and brought to each volunteer activity, except baseball concessions.



    Habitat for Humanity



    Sponsor: Mrs. Kathy Morton


    Time: Thursdays 2:35-3:15


    Place:RHS- Room 254 



    Habitat for Humanity is an organization that builds homes for income qualified families.  The Richwood’s chapter has four functions: direct service, fundraising, educating and advocating. Any RHS student can join Habitat for Humanity at any time.  Members do not have to attend meetings. Our goal is to have fun while raising awareness and helping support the local Peoria chapter of Habitat for Humanity.




    Direct service includes volunteering with the Peoria Habitat on new home construction, rehabilitation and neighborhood revitalization. Students may also volunteer at the local ReStore and the office of the Peoria chapter.

    Fundraising may be done at the Richwoods level or in partnership with the Bradley University chapter and or the Peoria chapter.

    Educating involves making other students in the school and the community aware of the need for strong, stable housing and what Habitat does to increase access to decent, affordable housing. Finally,

    Advocating involves speaking to elected officials and those in power in an effort to shape policies to serve people in need of decent housing. Some examples are students may choose to present at a local school board meeting, the city council or write letters to local officials.

    Special projects may include: travel over spring break or summer vacation to build in another location and National leadership conferences.


     Habitat for Humanity