•         Hello! Welcome to Ms. Ziegenhorn's website for the 2022-23 School Year. 

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    Classes I teach:

    Functional Math in Room 229 (1st and 2nd hours);


    Sophomore Bridge to Algebra/Core Algebra in Room 229 (4th hour);


    Study Skills in Room 229 (6th hour)


    Cotaught Algebra 1 with Mrs. Lucas in Room 163 (5th and 7th hours)


    Email: tracey.ziegenhorn@psd150.org


    Room #229

    Welcome to Ms. Ziegenhorn's web page!  I am a Special Education math teacher and I love teaching math. I try to teach math in a way that has meaning, now and forever.  I want students to know that math is something they are going to use everyday for the rest of their lives.
    Learning math is all about trying and practicing.  Math can't be learned by simply sitting in class and listening to a teacher talk.  A student has to be an active participant. If you are my student, this means you should:
    • take good notes and use them for homework and studying; (Helpful Tip:  use colored pens and highlighters)
    • ask questions
    • answer questions
    • participate in small groups
    • complete the class work
    • complete the homework
    • write assignments/tests/quizzes in your student planner 
    • study for tests/quizzes
    • come to after-school tutoring if you are struggling
    • stay off your phone when I'm teaching

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