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    Define the Greek prefixes:     * How many can you define before looking at answer?
     Photo, bio, chrono, octa, auto, tele, homo, syn, deca, mega micro, hexa, psycho, penta, phil, tri, neo, hemi, bi, poly, kilo, and mono.
    Define the Greek suffixes:
    sphere, phone, gon, meter, logy, scope, onym, gram and graph
    Anytime, Anywhere Learning: 
    Odyssey Part 2: The Homecoming
    Complete Book 23: The Trunk of the Olive Tree
    Questions #37-46 and submit to teacher. 
    Obj: Demonstrate understanding of Book 23 by answering in a complete sentence citing text evidence.
    Collections Book & questions should be in your possession:)
    IF you were absent on Friday, please email me or get the blank questions from your "study-buddy"
    On-going Enhancement:
    Read Romeo and Juliet - No Fear Shakespeare Book that you were given last week.
    Left side is original text and right side is modern text.
    Knowing these terms may help in reading the original text- left side.
    Iamb, Iambic Pentameter, Meter, Rhyme Scheme, Quatrain, Couplet, Lyric Poem and Blank Verse. 
    Absent students- I placed your book in the RHS office with your name on it. 
    Educational Task:
    As you read, make a character chart briefly identifying each character's attributes & whether they are a Capulet or a Montague.
    You can also listen to the book here:
     Content Below this line is not the assignment but part of the Welcome Page.
    We will continue to focus on Grammar, usage and mechanics through DOL/DOA as well as isolated grammar strategies. 
    Supplies: Some type of paper, writing utensil( black, blue or pencil) and a grading utensil (any color but black, blue or pencil) .
    *To View Daily Classroom Assignments, please visit Skyward. All assignments are listed in Skyward on the day they are assigned; therefore, absent students may utilize this resource as well. 
    *As always, students are encouraged to email teacher for clarification of any assignment.  
    *Make up work may be completed at the beginning of class;  notify Mrs. Strong in advance so that I can plan to have things ready for you:)

    Name:  Mrs. Tonya Strong
    Grade:  Freshmen English 1
    Room #: 241
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