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    We are currently reading The Washwoman while focusing on the plot line and a writing assignment- " Whom do you know that gives so much and asks for so little?" 
    Vocab. 3 - Identify the 4 roots and then identify word, part of speech and def. Finally, write a connotative pic associated with the word def. 
    We will continue to focus on Grammar, usage and mechanics through DOL/DOA as well as isolated grammar strategies. 
    Supplies: Some type of paper, writing utensil( black, blue or pencil) and a grading utensil (anything color but black, blue or pencil) .
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    *Make up work may be completed at the beginning of class;  notify Mrs. Strong in advance so that I can plan to have things ready for you:)
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    Name:  Mrs. Tonya Strong
    Grade:  Freshmen English 1
    Room #: 241
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