Welcome Students and Parents to Mrs. Strong's Online Classroom!
    We are currently reading Tale of 2 Cities while focusing on the plot line elements, character chart as well as listing and identifying each chapter and its significant meaning. 
    Students are encourage to use SSR class time as well as listening to tape after intial reading. Link was shared in class; finally, reading side by side interpretation for further clarification is also encouraged. 
    Handwritten notes can be taken and will be allowed to used on the tests. 
    Vocab. 9-10 will be the next vocab. that will be assigned. 
    We will continue to focus on Grammar, usage and mechanics through DOL/DOA as well as isolated grammar strategies. 
    Supplies: Some type of paper, writing utensil( black, blue or pencil) and a grading utensil (anything color but black, blue or pencil) .
    *To View Daily Classroom Assignments, please visit Skyward. All assignments are listed in Skyward on the day they are assigned; therefore, absent students may utilize this resource as well. 
    *As always, students are encouraged to email teacher for clarification of any assignment.  
    *Make up work may be completed at the beginning of class;  notify Mrs. Strong in advance so that I can plan to have things ready for you:)
    Compass Learning Link: https://www.thelearningodyssey.com/
    Name:  Mrs. Tonya Strong
    Grade:  Freshmen English 1
    Room #: 241
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