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    Hello Parents/Teachers/Visitors!

    Welcome to Mr. Mulcrone's Online Classroom!

    Grade: Peoria Options Program (P.O.P.)
    U.S. History
    Earth and Space Science
    Email: james.mulcrone@psd150.org
    Room #: 101 at Peoria North Building
    1716 N. North Street
    Peoria, IL

    From Mr. Mulcrone...
    Hello parents and students! On this website you will have access to important information that will be helpful and informative.

    UPDATES from HiSet - impact of CoVID-19 on testing centers & links to free test prep

    My classes are designed for students to collect information and then use that information to build background knowledge and apply this new knowledge to historical or geographical scenarios. The approach is for students to read information, write that information out in notes and assignments and then read what they've written

    My assignments are handed out in class and many times students have plenty of time to complete the assignments in the class time given on a particular day or week. Quizzes and tests are multiple choice, matching, short answer and short essay. We try to focus on primary and secondary sources, as a well as context of time periods. History is not studied in a vacuum. 

    As for class, I just ask that students complete assigned work and do so to the best of their ability. Students have the freedom of choice in my class, especially when tackling more than one assignment at a time. I will try to encourage your student to make a better choice, while explaining the consequences of choosing not to do an assignment or to prioritize one assignment over another.

    I hope this site helps parents stay up-to-date on their child's learning. Feel free to email me if you have any questions. Here is the website to access online learning for the HiSet tests:
    Contemporary GED Social Studies

    Contemporary GED Science


    We are pleased to say that the Peoria Options Program has graduated over 45 students in the first year and half of existence. We look forward to working with your student and helping them achieve their goal of graduating from Peoria High.