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    Club, Group, or Activity:

    Richwoods Shield:  Student newspaper



    Dr. Dan Kerns


    Meeting Time: 

    Various times through out the year after school



    309 & 313



    The purpose of the RHS school newspaper is to inform students and staff about the news of our school and community. Our newspaper reports on both life in school and life outside of school, keeping students up to date and knowledgeable. Working on the paper collaboratively is a learning experience in journalism, writing, teamwork, and project management/editing.






    Shield is a collaborative process. Editors meet in consultation with the adviser to decide on monthly articles. Editors assign to each section of the newspaper articles to cover. The editors then make edits to the newspaper and work with the sponsor to do a final edit. For students who participate, they are given the opportunity, the responsibility and abliity to practice their writing skills, meet deadlines, learn people skills (interviewing), etc.