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    Name:Rob Penney
    Room #:302

    You have arrived at Mr. Penney's web page. 
    Currently I have three sections of Art and four sections Drawing I/II. 
    I am located in the 100 hallway room 154.   

    This page is where you will find information regarding remote learning.

     The following E-mail was sent to all parents:

    Good Afternoon,
    I hope this E-mail finds you staying safe, healthy and well rested during this time. As you all know, This new method of teaching is new to all of us and each day is going to be a new learning experience for everyone. This week, we as teachers are planning for the upcoming weeks. Each teacher may be using different methods for connecting with students. As for myself, I plan to use Microsoft Teams (more student info from Mr. Elliot to come), my staff webpage and social media. As of now I am hoping to use a facebook group (live) to interact with students during this time. I will continuously update my staff webpage to keep students/parents updated on how to stay connected and plans for each class period.
    I understand that not all students will have access to a smart phone or facebook/social media and that is perfectly fine. I am in no way asking anyone to join facebook if they are not currently using the platform. For those students NOT using social media, they will be able to access information regarding classes via my staff webpage or district email. Please keep in mind this all trial and error at this time. I will continuously be making changes as we move forward.
    Thanks again for all your patience and understanding during these tough times. With your help we will all get through this together. As always, feel free to contact me with any questions.
    Mr. Penney
    How can you stay connected to what is happening in art or sculpture?
    1. Check my district webpage. Click on Remote learning lessons page.
    2. Log in to Microsoft Teams during your scheduled class time.
    3. Email me at robert.penney@psd150.org

Last Modified on April 1, 2020