• Alignment  
    Please visit Alignment Peoria's new website for more information: http://www.alignmentpeoria.org/
    Our District has built a brand new five year strategic plan with the people that live and work right here in Peoria. We saved tens of thousands of dollars by working with our teachers, our students, our parents and our community instead of outsourcing the project, and we are so proud of the results and our path to 2020.
    We need the community to join us to make this plan work and put as many boots on the ground as possible as we work to put our plan in action. Alignment is one model that a peer community (Rockford) uses to align goals among all stakeholders so that they can see greater returns on investment through less duplication and more efficiency.
    Alignment is a toolset to connect stakeholders and the school system, so that all can work towards progress on the districts strategic plan. They have a Governing Board and Operating Board that supports and reports on pieces of the plan, including healthy starts, career awareness, college awareness and pathways.
    Our District’s strategic plan has five pillars. It’s possible that the alignment model could support and report for us on one or more of those pillars. It’s a win-win for all stakeholders as we look to keep the community engaged and everyone accountable to the measurements of the strategic plan.