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    Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year! :) 

    I'm so excited to get this year started and to see all of you! 

    This year we will be in person. (YAY!!!!) You will be expected to come every day and live streaming will NOT be available to those who are absent. (In other words, you can't log into Teams from home and get credit for the attendance that day).  I WILL be using TEAMS to post assignments and some quizzes though, so we will still be using that platform at times.  

    Quick Points for 2021-2022

    *. Remember things can CHANGE so please be FLEXIBLE - WE WILL GET THROUGH IT

    *  The BEST thing you can do for YOURSELF is to come to school every day, stay alert and pay attention in class, stay on top of your practice work and ask questions if you have them. 

    *. Come PREPARED - you will ALWAYS need paper and something to write with. ALWAYS. Seriously like, ALWAYS! :) 

    Basic Expectations

    * Be PRESENT, Be ON TIME, Be PREPARED to work and POSITIVELY interact 

    * Be KIND - this looks like...being polite, cooperating, helping others, having patience and not disrupting the education of others when you are having a bad day


    * COMMUNICATE - let me know how you are feeling, what you are sure of and unsure of, ask questions - I don't know if you don't tell me.  

    * TRY..... you are here to learn and that means there are a lot of things you will not know/understand immediately.  Be kind to YOURSELF and have PATIENCE with YOURSELF....but never stop trying. When you choose to stop trying - you are choosing to fail. 

    What you can expect from me:

    * I WANT you to succeed - and sometimes I will drive you CRAZY trying to get you there.  If I didn't care, I wouldn't be on your case - I'd sit back and let you fail.  I won't do that. So do us both a favor and TRY! :) 

    * to try to make things fun and I'm open to suggestions.  

    * to be fair and be available for your questions/concerns.

    I TUTOR ON WEDNESDAYS FROM 2:00-2:45 :) 


    * Don't be on your phone during class. Period. Phones should be placed upside down at the corner of your desk area. NOT in your lap. NOT facing up on your desk. NOT ontop of the book we are reading. 

    * I RARELY give restroom breaks so be prepared.  I NEVER give hall passes - so come prepared. 

    * No food or drink (other than water) in the classroom because we had a mouse problem. Food stays in the Terrazzo per school policy. 


    NOTES FROM LAST YEAR we may need later. :) 


    To make sure it is a great year and that you have the LEAST amount of stress possible, make sure you...


    *   Have a good mindset and be patient with yourself - you will be FINE - I'm here to help

    *    Stay in conact with your teachers by using your email address 

                Go to:  psd150.org/richwoods

                 Clck the blue OUTLOOK tab

                 Click email link 

                 Your email address is:  yourlunchnumber@students.psd15.org      EX: 12345678@psd150.org

                 Your password is:  your 8 digit birthday                             EXAMPLE: 01232006 (if your birthday is January 23, 2006

                 Having trouble? NO PROBLEM! Email Tracy.bishop@psd150.org

    *    If you have a question about your homework ask. You can also stay after class or email me when you think of it.  I will get back with you as soon as I can. THAT GOES FOR ALL OF YOUR TEACHERS. :) **NOTE-it's best to email me b/c I don't get notifications for messages on MSTeams and may miss your question. :) 

    *   Check your email and calendar often - DON'T MISS CLASSES

    *    Turn in ALL of your work on time. Don't get behind. If you do - tell me soon and we will work together to get you caught up.


    SMILE! You've got this! you rock






Last Modified on August 11, 2021