Welcome to Mrs. Tuggle's Classes! Picture

    Best way to reach me is through email: marita.tuggle@psd150.org :)

    This year my schedule is:

    1st hour - US History

    2nd hour - Consumer Education

    3rd hour - Study Skills

    4th hour - Geography

    5th hour - Study Skills

    6th hour - prep

    7th hour - Civics


    Classroom Expectations: 

    * be kind

    * be respectful

    * follow classroom and school procedures

    * phones off and out of site during lessons and discussions

    * you may have ONE ear bud in while doing work at your desk at times

    * use the restroom during your passing period 



    * pay attention during lessons

    * use your time wisely when given it to work - you will have time to complete ALL work in class - do not waste it

    * review for quizzes and tests

    * ask questions when you have them

    * attend tutoring if you need to : Thursdays 2:30-3:30




Last Modified on September 19, 2022