•  Welcome to Ms. Cranwill's Online Classroom!

    Ms Cranwill, Ms. Mueller, and Ms.Kim
    Name: Juli Cranwill
    Grade: Adult Transition ages 18-22
    Room #: 11
    Hi!  My name is Juli Cranwill, and I am one of the teachers in the Peoria Adult Transition (PAT) Academy.  This is my fifth year at Jamieson School, but I have taught in Peoria Public Schools for 27 years.  My first teaching assignment was at Rolling Acres Middle School.  I then worked at Richwoods High School for over fifteen years.  I am very excited to be a part of the Jamieson staff.  I am thrilled that my assistant this year is Mrs. Kim Predmore  She is a wonderful asset, and the students love working with Mr. Kim.  Below you will find some information about our class schedule.   I am looking forward to an awesome school year!
    Ms. Juli Cranwill
    BS Special Education 1992
    MS Special Education 2005
    MS Educational Administration 2015
    From the Teacher
    Hello parents and students! On this website you will have access to important information that will be helpful and informative.  I teach vocational education and functional communication skills.  I am excited to state that we have created over 50 job boxes for students to improve their employment skills!  Our newest job boxes include assembling first aid kits, sorting and filling McDonald's orders, and filling pill boxes.  Below is a sample schedule:
    Mondays-    AM   - Work in Community
                      PM     - Eagle$ Bucks 
                               - Cooking Class
    Tuesdays-   AM    - Vocational Education classes
                      PM    - Swimming Class
    Wednesdays AM   - Weekly CBI                               
                       PM   - Early Release for PLC time 
    Thursdays   AM     - Vocational Education Classes
                      PM     - Homeroom activity/Prep for Eagles' Eatery
    Friday         AM     - Eagles' Eatery
                      PM     - Eagles' Eatery 
    Vocational/Transition Links
    I hope this site helps parents stay up-to-date on your child's learning. Feel free to email me if you have any questions.
     Due to inclement weather, we are supporting student Learning Anywhere and Anytime on snow days in an effort to support continued student learning opportunities. Below are links to learning opportunities for my homeroom.
    1. Snow Day 1- Complete
    2. Snow Day 2-Complete

      Learning will continue Anywhere and  Anytime, even is school is cancelled.  Below are additional learning opportunities for our students.  Should school be cancelled, please refer to these pages.

     Days 1-3 Learning Anywhere, Anytime

     Days 4-6 Learning Anywhere, Anytime

     Day 7 Learning Anywhere, Anytime

     Day 8- Learning Anywhere, Anytime

     Day 9- Learning Anywhere, Anytime

    Day 10- Learning Anywhere, Anytime


    Day 11- Learning Anywhere, Anytime

    Day 12-Learning Anywhere, Anytime


    Day 13-Learning Anywhere, Anytime

    Day 14-Learning Anywhere, Anytime-Complete Snow Day #3 lessons

    Day 15-Learning Anywhere, Anytime-Complete Snow Day #4 lessons

    Day 16- Learning Anywhere, Anytime- Complete Snow Day #5 lessons

    Days 17-19- Complete Learning Anywhere, Anytime days 1-3

    Days 20-22- Complete Learning Anywhere, Anytime days 4-6

    Days 23-24-Complete the packet sent home on 3/13 from Easter Seals.