• Welcome to Jason Warner's Online Classroom!

    Name: Mr. Warner
    Grade: Orchestra
    Email: jason.warner@psd150.org
    Welcome to the orchestra page for Lincoln K-8!
    Our Winter Concert is Dec. 18th at 9:00 AM in the Lincoln gym.  Parents, guardians, and friends are welcome to attend!
     Learn at home snow day activity:
    Please select one portion of each piece we are playing and preparing for class.  Identify what you want to work on in that section... Rhythm, Note Reading, Technique, Tone Quality.  
    Choose 2 or 3 strategies that will target the challenges that you identified. You can use strategies from the list below, or you can come up with your own.   You can ...
    Clap & Count
    Tap your toe
    Play the rhythm on one pitch
    Break it down into smaller parts
    Slow it down
    Look up fingerings in the back of the book 
    Play 3 times perfect
    One a piece of paper, please...write 2-3 sentences describing your experience. Include unexpected challenges, and describe what was helpful.