Fall, 2019
    Welcome to Lincoln K8!  
         I am the Primary Technology Teacher for grades Kindergarten, First, Second, Third, and Fourth grades.  Your child will come to the computer lab  once or twice a week.  Here, they will learn how to use our HP All-in-One computers. Their classroom teacher has access to HP Streams, which are small notebook computers, similar to laptops.
         Our school has been blessed with great technology resources.  Most of our computers were purchased with Federal tax dollars, through Title One funding.  We are fortunate that the American people are supportive of public education.  In every classroom, you will see a SMART Board, an interactive white board that does far more than the old-fashioned black board!  You may also see a document camera, a teacher computer, and student computers.  
     Students work on Computers
    Look to the left, and you will find links to important information.
    • Homework and Assignments will give students the Snow Day Learning at Home assignments that are pertinent for Computer Class. 
    • Technology Links will take you to websites that students may enjoy.