• Hello Kellar & Hines' Parents! Welcome to Mrs. Montgomery's Online Classroom!

    colored pencils

    Name: Beth Montgomery

    Grade: K-4th Art Educator at Kellar and K-4 Physical Ed Teacher at Hines


    Email: beth.montgomery@psd150.org

    Room #: 210(Kellar)

    From the Teacher



    Hello Kellar and Hines Parents and students.  I am the Kindergarten through 4th grade Art teacher at Kellar and K-4th grade PE teacher at Hines. I will see your child once a week for 30 minutes at a time for Art at Kellar and 15 minutes for PE movement at Hines during our Distance Learning.  I am looking forward to working with your child and ask for your support as he or she enters my class to create the best artwork possible and doing the best movement to stretch our bodies and brains.

    As the school year gets started, each class will be presented with the classroom rules and expectations for on line learning.  I ask that each child puts forth his or her best effort in class each session.  I understand that not all children feel confident in art, but all children can TRY!  I ask that your child do the BEST that he/she can in our current circumstances.

    I will be using MS Teams platform at both Kellar and Hines.  I will join the classroom teachers homeroom to work with your child at each school per the schedule your teacher has provided.

    Together we can make a difference!  I look forward to meeting you on line. Here's to a GREAT CREATIVE school year!  




     art teacher

    Supplies needed for Distance Learning Art


     In our 30 minute class meetings per week, your child will always need paper and pencil(s) ready. 

    If you can make a little supply box for crayons, colored pencilsmarkers, and scissors so everything is in one place that would be helpful.

    I am flexible with the materials needed for the projects and will always tell you to use what you have to modify the activity.

    Please have or make a folder labeled ART so finished work can be placed in it for each week we meet.



    Until Skooler is fully up and operating, the best way to contact me is through email at beth.montgomery@psd150.org. 


    About the Teacher 

    Mrs. M  

    I am entering my 32nd year of teaching in the Peoria Public Schools.  I have had the privilege of teaching for 25 years in various grade levels at Roosevelt Magnet School, one year of 4th grade at Glen Oak, five years of Art Education at Hines Primary in the K through 4th grades.  I remain at Hines to teach K-4 Physical Education half time and am ecxited to join Kellar Primary to teach K-4 Art half time for the 2020-2021 school year.

    I look forward to meeting each and everyone of you during this school year. 

    It might feel different, but we are in this TOGETHER! 

    Let's Get Art Smart!

    Mrs. Montgomery