• Speech & Language Remote Learning

     Remote ELearning Activities (Clip here for activites)

    Dear Parents,

    I know this is a confusing and anxious time for all of us. I’m sure you are busy figuring out how to manage your “new normal” for the next month or so. I realize this may include financial concerns, childcare issues, technology limitations and figuring out priorities can be overwhelming. I just wanted to let you know I would still love to work with your child on their speech and language goals in any way that works for you.  I’m still learning what resources might work best but a few options might include giving assignments through your student’s teacher, using the district email to communicate or using MS meetings for some face to face. I could also email or mail paper assignments if you prefer.


    My goal is to be available and not have your student lose any progress they have worked so hard for this school year. Could you please check the following boxes that might meet your needs?


    I prefer:

    contact via phone call. The best number to reach me is:      

    contact via email. The best email to reach me is:      

    contact via text. The best number to reach me is:      

    contact through whatever system my student’s primary teacher is using.

    I prefer a packet of activity options be sent to our home.

    I prefer no contact at this time.


    Your child has been working on:






    Should you have any questions feel free to contact me at tracie.johnson@psd150.org Thank you for all you do to help with your child’s speech and language!





    Tracie Johnson, MS, CCC-SLP/L

    Licensed Speech-Language Pathologist