• Health
    In response to Peoria’s high rates of sexually transmitted infections and teen pregnancy, especially in zip codes 61603, 61604 and 61605, the Peoria Public Schools in 2014 accepted a DASH grant from the state of Illinois to develop a comprehensive health education curriculum, a youth advisory committee and expand the safe schools initiative. In addition, expansion of the reproductive health care services provided through in-school clinics continued.

    During 2014-2015, along with community resource experts, the Peoria Public Schools adopted a theory-based, comprehensive health education curriculum combining both the Family Life and Sexual Health (FLASH) curriculum and community resources. The newly created curriculum will meet Illinois State Law HB2675 which sets forth the requirements of sexual health education in public schools.

    While it is the long-term goal for District staff to teach this curriculum to all 6th-12th students, it was piloted in 2015-2016 with 6th grade students. Implementation of the curriculum will occur primarily by community providers whose staff has the training, skills and time available. District staff, along with community resource experts, will oversee, coordinate and evaluate the curriculum implementation through ongoing discussion and collaboration.