• Erin's Law

    On January 24th, 2013, Governor Pat Quinn signed into law Erin’s Law, which requires all Illinois schools to provide age-appropriate child sexual abuse prevention education for students K-12, annually.


    Peoria Public Schools is proud to partner with the Center for Prevention of Abuse to meet the requirements of this law. In addition to classroom instruction, the Center for Prevention of Abuse can also be found making presentations at our District's Parent University events.

    center for prevention The Center for Prevention of Abuse is pleased to offer “Keeping My Body Safe”, a Body/Safety Abuse Prevention Program which serves all school-aged children Pre-K through 12th grade. “Keeping My Body Safe” is a unique school-based program which focuses on the prevention and awareness of childhood physical and sexual abuse and has been presented in the Peoria, Tazewell and Woodford County Schools since 1983.

    “Keeping My Body Safe” complies with the State of Illinois Mandate of “Erin’s Law” which requires all schools to provide child sexual abuse prevention education for students yearly, to students in grades PreK-12.

    Recognizing that parents play a key role in protecting children from abuse, CFPA's violence prevention programs include parent education and encourage parental involvement within offered prevention programs and services. Education components offered help to inform parents about child sexual abuse topics including, but not limited to, characteristics of offenders, grooming behaviors and how to discuss this topic with their children.

    Each month at Parent University, a representative from the Center will provide a brief overview of Erin’s Law and the components of what will be covered with PSD 150 youth during the course of the school year. Parents will also be given materials with opportunities for additional training topics.

    • Resulted from a state task force
    • Passed in January of 2013 for implementation beginning with the 2013-2014 school year
    • Was part of HB 6193, Section 3 –Comprehensive Health Education Program
    • is “...age appropriate sexual abuse and assault awareness and prevention education in grades pre-kindergarten through 12...”


    The Center for Prevention of Abuse provided sexual abuse prevention curricula and programming within Peoria Public Schools. The Center’s “Keeping My Body Safe” program is conducted in all 27 District 150 schools serving over 11,000 students. Participants receive safety tips and classroom instruction that is developmentally appropriate and in accordance to the State of Illinois mandate, Erin’s Law which requires all schools to provide child sexual abuse prevention education. Below is a full list of our school based education programs and services and documents for parents/guardians, provided by CEFCU