• Hello!  Welcome to room 204, Fourth graders!

    Name: Mrs. Gregory
    Grade: 4th 
    Email: renee.gregory@psd150.org
    Room #: 204
    I am so glad you are in my class!  
    From the Teacher
    Hello, everone!  Welcome to 4th grade.  We are living and learning through a unique moment in history, so let's make the best of it!  A pandemic comes about once every one hundred years, and here we are, in the middle of COVID-19, trying to find our way.  Online learning is safe, and I hope that each of you will make the most of it.  Meetings are every day, 9:30-noon, and 12:30-3:00.  Participate!  Use your notebooks to follow along and try the work yourself.  If I'm writing on the smart board, you should be writing too!  This is a great way to help yourself learn, practice, and master. 
    I have two main goals for this year.  Reaching for these goals across the year will help you grow and become more independent.  This will also prepare you for 5th grade, and beyond.   They are:
    • Find your voice and use it.  This means that we will work on speaking and listening rules when in a group, building on each other's comments in a group discussion, and thoughtfully communicate your ideas through speaking and writing.  Developing strong reading skills will help develop student thinking and opinion processes.
    • Make math work for you in every day life.  How many times have you heard, "Why do I have to learn this?"  Well, nothing makes learning challenging material more worthwhile than a strong understanding of how you will use this every day.  Suddenly, a student has a reason to learn how to work with a new concept, so he or she works to learn!

    I believe these two goals will permeate everything we do in class.  Mastering these two things this year in fourth grade will help build excellent student habits, a growth mindset, and a foundation to build on as you grow up that will help open windows and doors to opportunities in both education and careers in the future.


    Welcome to my class!  Let the learning begin!

     Mrs. Gregory