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    Name: Ms. Shannon Sailer
    Grade: Middle School Life-Skills
    Email: shannon.sailer@psd150.org   
    Room #: 4 
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     Last week, students followed a visual recipe to make pumpkin fluff.
    Amy helping student  Student cooking
    Updates for the Week of Feb 29th

    Shout Outs!

    The following students had ‘purple’ or ‘blue’ behavior levels each day last week:







    Upcoming Events


    ·         3/8 – CBI Trip to Kroger @ 9:30am

    ·         3/11 - $1 Popcorn Sale

    ·         3/15 – Field Trip to March Madness

    ·         3/17 - $1 Uniform Buy-out

             3/18 – Jamieson cookie sale


    Important Info
             From March until May, we have several field trips and special days planned. Some of our trips are only for small groups of students and many are for our whole class. I will provide information about the trips as they get closer. Student behavior will impact participation in the trips; we will continue to model and teach expectations in the classroom. 

    Functional Skills/Science

             We will continue our new functional groups for the whole month of March. Some students will work in Jamieson’s mock apartment to learn how to wash dishes, while other students will practice sorting dishes and drying dishes. In science, we are continuing our rock unit by identifying if an object is a rock and then comparing and contrasting rocks.   

    Art, Music, cooking 

           Ms. Heidi will work with our class on Wednesday and Thursday this week for music therapy. On Wednesday, students will learn about St. Patrick’s Day and decorate a rainbow with a pot of gold cutout for the hallway. For cooking class on Friday, students will follow a visual recipe to make fruit-kabobs. 


          Due to my absences, we will be repeating our planned lessons from last week. Group 1 will listen to ‘Earthdance,’ while handling life-like materials (ie. grass, fans) and attend to their name read in a book.  Group 2 will learn the sight words ‘is, friend, and me’ and the vowel sound ‘a.’. Group 3 will read short vowel words and independently answer comprehension questions. 



          Due to my absences, we will be repeating our planned lessons from last week. Group 1 will continue to learn about the color yellow while handling sensory-related yellow items and completing a visual story about the color yellow. Group 2 will continue to listen to a math story about the beach and then count and add beach-related objects.  Group 3 will work with a 100’s chart to practice counting and then complete computer activities with the district’s Compass Learning program.