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    Name: Dan Moore                                                               
    Grade: High School History                                             
    Email: dan.moore@psd150.org               Treaty of Versailles                         
    Room #: 409                                                                          

    1st - AP Euro
    2nd - World History E 
    3rd - Professional Learning Community
    4th - World History E
    5th - World History
    6th - Prep
    7th - World History
    For Students:

    Welcome back to school for another year of learning. Before we get class under way, please consider the following: 1) Social Studies are fun and important, 2) Everybody in this class can learn the subject, and 3) Just like anything else, it will take effort.

    It is important that YOU plan to work hard and spend sufficient time to learn as much as you can this year. You will get the grade that you deserve and nothing more and nothing less. The best way to get a decent grade in this class is to do your homework and study for the evaluations. Those of you who will make the commitment to learn, I will provide the opportunities. I am available after school and before school for anyone who needs help in social studies. If you do poorly on a quiz or test come in and get help before it is too late to be helped.
Last Modified on September 26, 2017