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    Dr. Joshua Anderson
    Music Teacher
    Kellar Primary School
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    A Note!

    UPDATED: 11/2/22


    My name is Dr. Joshua Anderson.  This is my ninth-year teaching music at Kellar Primary School.  I have taught all ages, K-12, and have experience in higher education at Kansas State University and Texas Tech University.  I am a Farmington, IL native and attended Illinois State University, securing a bachelor's degree in music education, along with a master’s degree and a doctorate in education. I enjoy the Kellar educational community and look forward to future classes with these amazing students.  

    Kellar School Song

    We are the Kellar Colts

    And we have a lot of spirit through and through,

    We stand for pride and teamwork

    To our family friends and country, we’ll be true,

    We’ll cheer for one another

    So at Kellar we shall let our motto be

    Let’s go Red, White, and Blue

    U.S.A. and Kellar We Love You!


    The students work hard on new music appreciation and music theory concepts.  The goal is to make the music classroom a FUN and STRUCTURED atmosphere.  We use instruments and movement as a part of our learning process.  These elements allow your child to learn while having fun! 

    Music Club:

    Music Club will resume when safe and in person.  We will meet weekly and rehearse in the morning at 7:30am and perform throughout the year and attend field trips.  More information to come. 

    Performance Details: 

    All performances will resume when they are approved.  All Kellar Primary School students perform in our grade-level concerts.  These performances typically take place in the gymnasium of Kellar Primary School.  Additional information will be communicated to parents and guardians during the school year.  This is always A LOT of fun!


    Dr. Anderson