• This is our 2015-2016 Matrix
    The Washington Way is…..


    BE RESPECTFUL               

    BE RESPONSIBLE                              

    BE SAFE                                       


    ·         Use kind words and actions

    ·         Follow directions

    ·         Quality teamwork

    ·         Use appropriate voices

    ·         Participate

    ·         Complete your own assignments

    ·         Complete all assignments on time

    ·         Bring all supplies to class

    ·         Consistent, persistent effort

    ·         Be on time

    ·         Accept consequences

    ·         Use tools/materials properly

    ·         Sit in chair properly

    ·         Stay in your space


    ·         Be patient

    ·         Help each other

    ·         Use appropriate language, volume and tone of voice

    ·         Be polite

    ·         Honor other students’ learning

    ·         Keep personal and common areas clean and organized

    ·         Be aware of time

    ·         Keep your locker locked

    ·         Use your planner for hall passes

    ·         Walk on the right side of the hallway

    ·         Keep the flow of traffic moving

    ·         Look where you are walking/moving


    ·         Use inside voices

    ·         Speak politely and respectfully to everyone

    ·         Wait your turn

    ·         Use table manners

    ·         Clean up the area around you

    ·         Manage time appropriately

    ·         Sit at the table properly


    ·         Give others privacy

    ·         Do not vandalize school property

    ·         Be timely

    ·         Clean up after yourself

    ·         Wash hands with soap and water

    ·         Inform adults of issues/hazards


    ·         Be considerate of others around you

    ·         Pay attention to presenter

    ·         Be quiet

    ·         Listen politely

    ·         Sit in designated area

    ·         Represent Washington in a positive manner

    ·         Sit properly


    ·         Play fair

    ·         Walk into building quietly

    ·         Follow rules

    ·         Keep our school area clean

    ·         Enter and exit parking lot carefully


    ·         Be courteous

    ·         Must receive permission to use phone

    ·         Take care of personal matters at home

    ·         Sign in and out



    ·         Respect others

    ·         Dress appropriately

    ·         Electronics off and out of sight (in locker)

    ·         Keep track of personal belongings

    ·         Respect the standards of Washington

    ·         Put things where they belong

    ·         Keep hands feet and comments to yourself


    ·         Use appropriate language and voice

    ·         Follow bus rules

    ·         Get to the bus on time

    ·         Stay seated

    ·         Keep aisles clear

    ·         Keep body/objects in the bus

    ·         Sit safely in seat


    ·         Listen to teacher

    ·         Remain calm and serious

    ·         Follow directions

    ·         Be alert and know procedures

    ·         Be silent

    ·         Take practices seriously

    ·         CODE RED:  Do not open doors for ANYONE