Calendar has the full schedule for March, April, and May.


    Washington Wildcats

    Track and Field Information

    Coaches: Mr. Jackson, apmljackson@gmail.com

    Mrs. Rule, runningearthmum@gmail.com


    • There are no tryouts. All students are allowed to join with the following requirements.
    • All forms must be turned in by Monday, March 2nd. Students may not attend practice until all paperwork is complete.
    • The schedules are attached. In case of changes, we will send a message via Remind and email and have an announcement made at school.
    • After changing clothes on practice days, the team will gather in the library.
    • Practices will end at 4:15. Any student that is not picked up by 4:20 will ride the activity bus home.
    • All students on the team are expected to come to every practice. If for some reason they are not able to make it, please contact us ASAP. Absences may affect participation in meets.
    • Students are not required to participate in every meet. However, in order to be considered for Sectionals, an athlete must participate in at least 3 meets.
    • Students are expected to show respect to everyone.
    • Students are expected to put forth their best effort at every practice and meet.
    • Students are expected to follow school rules whether at the school or a meet. No horseplay.
    • Students are responsible for their own rides to/from meets. They should arrive at meets 30-45 minutes before the meet begins. They must check in & out on the clipboard. They must make sure they have competed in ALL events assigned before leaving.
    • If you give a student a ride to a meet, please make sure they have a ride home before you leave.
    • The events each student participates in will be determined by the coaches. Numbers of students, grade level, ability, and effort will be factors.
    • Students must be academically eligible to participate. They may not have a D or F in any class. After 3 weeks of ineligibility, students will be removed from the team.
    • The students will purchase their own jersey and shorts- which are required to compete. (Financial assistance is available for the jersey/shorts if needed.) Additional apparel is also available.
    • Students need a water bottle and running shoes and appropriate athletic wear for practices.
    • Students must wear shoes proper for running at all practices and meets!
    • Dress for the weather- it changes frequently! We will practice in hot and cold weather.
    • We need a parent from each family to volunteer for at least one meet. Check in with a coach on your scheduled day when you arrive.

    Order of Events:

    100m Hurdles-girls/110m hurdles-boys (most meets)

    Girls running events/boys field events, then switch:      


    1600m (1 mile)







    Field events: Long Jump, High Jump, Shot Put, Discus, Pole Vault