• Washington Gifted Environmental Club
    We will meet every other Monday after school.
    The Environmental Club is a group of concerned students that are committed to raising awareness about environmental issues, and to reducing our environmental impact as individuals, a school community, and as citizens of the world. Here are some ideas:
    • Hold a “wear green” day.
    • Show an environmental film.
    • Create a green school mural.
    • Deliver environmental presentations to peers.
    • Create environmental tips and memos for your school website, newsletter, bulletin board
    • Promote special occasions like Waste Reduction Week, Environment Week, and Earth Day.
    The UN's Intergovernmental panel on Climate Change has outlined the latest findings in their climate-change report for 2014. 
    Climate change has altered migration, killed off species, made it harder to grow some staple crops and increased the rate of glacial melt. The poor will have a greater chance of malnutrition and disease. 
    EARTH DAY is a day when millions of people 
    across the world come together to promote a Environment
    cleaner, safer environment. It is celebrated on 
    April 22 each year and many events are held 
    both locally and nationally. 
     AMERICA RECYCLES DAY (ARD), November 15, 
    is the only nationally recognized day dedicated 
    to encouraging Americans to recycle. ARD has 
    grown to include millions of Americans 
    pledging to improve their recycling habits 
    at home, school and work as well as to buy 
    recycled-content products. .
     ARBOR DAY has been a national day of 
    celebration for more than 125 years. The day is 
    designed to encourage tree planting, caring for 
    trees and learning their value. In South Carolina, 
    it is celebrated the first Friday in December.
    celebrated the first week in May. Celebrations 
    and educational events are held by communities, 
    organizations and companies across the country. 
    NATIONAL WILDLIFE WEEK is celebrated in 
    April nationwide with a different theme each 
    spring – offers communities an opportunity 
    to refresh their surroundings by cleaning up, 
    planting, rebuilding and renewing.