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Recent Trips

On Thursday, October 3rd, the 6th grade had a great trip to Wildlife Prairie Park- The clouds cleared out and the rain ceased just in time for CalvinCoolidge Middle School 6th graders to enjoy the day at WildlifePrairie Park.  Students enjoyed getting to meet several of the park’s current residents, including friendly skunks, owls, snakes, falcon. The 6th graders also meet anunfriendly alligator turtle during a presentation on the different animal habitats found in Illinois.  Studentsthen enjoyed having lunch under the pavilion before hitting the trails.  Fun and adventure was had by all as theyexplored the 1800’s schoolhouse and frontier homestead. They also had glimpses of the black bears, cougars, bison, elk, foxes, and bald eagles among others along the way.
On September 24th,  several 8th graders traveled to Expo Gardens to attend a Career Expo featuring the building trades. They had the opportunity to operate a back hoe, run a jackhammer, complete a plumbing job, wire electrical circuits and plaster drywall. At each station the men and women of that trade gave the students a brief history of the trade and answered questions on such topics as wages and benefits. 

Special shout out to 2 young ladies who plumbed a sink from handles to drain pipe with very little leakage when the water was turned on.  They really impressed the plumbers with their knowledge and ability.