• Hello ! Welcome to Duke, Holly's Online Classroom!

    Name: Holly Duke-Kupferschmid
    Grade: Behind the Wheel, Economics, English as a Second Language, US History, World History
    Email: holly.duke@psd150.org
    Room #: 224

    Welcome to economics class!  I hope you’re looking forward to this opportunity to learn about economics and how it relates to our everyday lives.  I realize that this course will be a lot of work, but I believe it can be interesting and even fun at the same time.  Please give this course a chance to involve you in this exploration of concepts, events, and people that built the world you live in today.  Please give special attention to the following guidelines concerning your assignments and behavior in this class.






    • You will have homework in this class.  Do every assignment on time and you will likely pass the course.  The greatest reason for failure in this course is not completing assignments on time.


    • Work turned in late will receive a score of zero.  NO LATE WORK WILL BE ACCEPTED!  Finish all assignments on time!  If there is an assignment due on a certain day, that means when you walk into class that day.  Work will be considered late if it is not done when you arrive to class.


    • It is YOUR responsibility to ask about makeup work upon returning from an absence.  For each excused absence you will have two days to make up any work.  If the work is not completed in that time limit, a zero will be entered in the grade book.  Do not expect to wait till the end of the grading period to make up your work—it will be too late then.  There is a schedule written out weekly on the board for you to also see what has, or will be, done in class.


    • Bring a pencil or pen, planner, notebook, and your textbook with you each day.  Assignments need to be copied in your planner.  Coming to class without your textbook could result in a tardy or a teacher conference.


    • The notebook should contain all class notes, vocabulary words, worksheets, tests, and other papers completed.  Keep all of your papers for the semester.  It will be a valuable tool to help you study for the final exam.


    • All missed scheduled tests and quizzes are to be made up on the day of return to class.  Quizzes and tests are worth sixty five percent of your grade.  I am not usually available after school because of behind the wheel.  If plans need to be made to take a test outside of school hours, it will need to be before school.





    • Be polite and respectful at all times.


    • No food or drinks allowed.  Water will be allowed in clear bottles.


    • Get drinks and use the restroom during your passing period.


    • NO PASSES!


    • Be in your assigned seat when the bell rings. 


    • Cheating involves obtaining answers from another student during a test or copying the work of another student.  This behavior will result in a grade of a zero for the cheater as well as the person who willfully allows him/her to cheat.


    • Electronics must be off and out of sight while in class.


    Any guidelines Mrs. Duke-Kupferschmid deems necessary may be



    added/modified at any time!