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    Name: Teres Brawner    
    Grade: 5th-8th Math; Reading/Language
    Room #: 110
    Teres Brawner  
    From Ms. Brawner
    Welcome to Sterling Middle School.  My name is Teres Brawner; I'm one of the Deaf Education teachers at Sterling. This is a fantastic school full of people who care about you.
    I attended Sterling School when it was a K-8 school, graduating in 1976.  For 28 years I have lived in Oklahoma, but moved back a few years ago to be near my parents and teach here.  
    Most of my professional career has been spent teaching Middle and High School DHH students.  I have taught every subject 6th - 12th grade, and am Highly Qualified in English, Biology and Math through Algebra 1.  I am eager to work with all of our Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students.
    Sterling Middle School in Peoria provides services for deaf and hard of hearing students  from 5th to 8th grade with varying degrees of hearing loss and ability levels.  An atmosphere of total communication and American Sign Language with certified and  experienced teachers as well as certified interpreters in conjunction with cooperative general education teachersand staff allow the department to establish the best possible education to meet the individual needs of each student. 
    Two full-time teachers have self contained classrooms that provide a full curriculum
    aligned with Illinois State Standards of reading, language, math, science and social studies 
    Students also have the opportunity to be mainstreamed for core general education classes and special encore classes as determined by their IEP.  Students can and are encouraged to be involved in extra-curricular activities such as student council, garden club, basketball, soccer, volleyball, chess club, band and orchestra.  Students also receive speech and language therapy, as well as any occupational or physical therapy as delineated in their individual education plans. 

    Salty Eggs Science Experiment- Students were learning about density and tried out their ideas with an egg, water and salt.  Click here to see pictures of our experiment.  (click here)

    Egg in glass