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    Name: Miss Riebel
    Grade: Senior Englishand Dual Credit
    Email:  Tracy.Riebel@psd150.org
    Room #: 304
    I have tried to make this page user friendly and specific.  I will be available via my email during regular school hours if you have any questions or concerns.  I will may not be sitting in front of my computer but I will have my emails site open and will regularly check, so don't panic if I don't respond immediately but I will get back to you definitely that day and probably within an hour.  
    Basic Directions
    Dual Credit follows ICC practices.  You know you have an essay to finish by Friday.  YOU WILL TURN IT BY EMAIL!!!  If extra time is needed into next week let me know.  A new essay will be assigned after spring break.  No work will be assigned over our scheduled spring break.  If you have questions about the essay PLEASE EMAIL ME.  I will not read entire essays but if you are struggling with your claim statement or a paragraph or a works cited entry you can send me the info and I will help you out.  
    See the dual credit page and the ICC blackboard for additional resources throughout the week. 
    SENIOR ENGLISH - Go into the March on-line learning TAB to find your grid. Hopefully you each took your novel home.  In general, my expectation is that you read 5-10 page a day (see the specifics for each book) and that you use the guiding question to help you make sure you are getting the important information.  If you took home the character guides add notes to the characters as you find more details.  Remember the first novel quiz is over characters and how many details you know about each one.  Make sure to take notes on important details.  For example, I will not ask things like who is a girl but would acccept something like is a retired general, is an alcoholic, has autism, etc.    If you get confused about your book you can email me - I have read all four of the books.  
    If you forgot your book - I know Glass Castle has a pdf on line that can be found.  I know at least 3 of the novels can be found on audio on Youtube as well.  If you were not here to get a book this week, pick a book and at least get started on the readings so you are not weeks behind when we return.  
    Just a little bit about me.  I am a 1987 graduate of Peoria High School - Go Lions!  I attended Illinois State University where I got my BA in Education and my MA in Reading. I just completed another masters degree in English Composition at Bradley University. 
    I have tried to include information on this site that students can use to help them be successful in class.  

    Additionally, we may use Schoology.com in class.  That website allows students to have discussions, take tests and submit coursework.  
Last Modified on March 16, 2020